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Welcome to Clarity & Momentum Training. The idea behind this training is very simple.

  • First – Give you a way of thinking that can accelerate individual and team contribution.
  • Second – Give you some simple tools, so that you can use Clarity & Momentum Thinking within your team.

We’re going to give you two key pages.

  • Clarity & Momentum One Sheet – A single page that will illustrate everything that is in this course. Along with the other included content, this will give you the understanding YOU need to use Clarity & Momentum Thinking.
  • Clarity & Momentum Wall Chart – This illustration can be printed, laminated and displayed conveniently on the wall in every office, workspace and meeting room. Alternatively, you can use it in any way that might best serve you and your team.

You should leave this course confident in your ability to begin using Clarity & Momentum Thinking. You will be prepared to elevate the contribution of your team through use of the framework.