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Action Plan Achiever
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by Claudia on Action Plan Achiever

Clarity and Momentum was absolutely incredible!  I had no idea that this class alone would have such a strong and lasting impact on my coaching and my life.  I use it in much of my every day life and with every client.  By taking this class, coaching clients one-on-one became clearer as well as coaching teams.  This class teaches you how to go about troubleshooting many issues in coaching such as loss of momentum and how you can help your client avoid it as well.  Gary Wood designed and created this course which is extraordinary.  He is an excellent teacher who is patient, kind, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this class and believe, without a doubt, that this class should be a requirement at PCCI for every student.

by Bret and Lynne Maukonen, Compass Counselling and Coaching Services on Action Plan Achiever

It is such an intuitive and versatile model that it can greatly expand the offering of a coach. Gary has developed the Clarity-Movement model with visuals and words that really connect to personal and corporate experience. One thing that is important to recognize is that a coach can use the model in conjunction with other models and tools (for example, with SWOT analysis) to enhance their value.

In saying that it is a “simple” model, we mean that it is easy to learn and apply. Yet, it has great potential for creating and sustaining movement as clients take ownership of their situations.

by Lori Botz on Action Plan Achiever
Which course did you take?: Clarity Momentum Class

I've been coaching now for 10 years and this has been one of the best classes I've taken. The information is so easy to understand and has given me the tools to go deep and meaningful with my clients very quickly. This class has allowed me to become a valuable contributor to my clients by 10 fold. Thank you Gary Wood.

by Mark Ross on Action Plan Achiever
The Clarity and Momentum Model is an Powerful Framework
Which course did you take?: PCCI..The Clarity and Momentum Model

The course offering through PCCI for The Clarity and Momentum Model has been a game changer for my coaching! It is actually “a way of thinking with a coach approach” for practically anything where certain outcomes are desired. I use it for myself and for my clients to aid in conversations that incorporate the core competencies of the ICF. This is an extremely practical AND powerful framework for the coach, consultant, leader and influencer.

by Jan Watson on Action Plan Achiever

The Clarity and Momentum Course is really a game changer for my clients. When I used the Clarity and Momentum model she immediately got clarity as to what was needed to create the remove the confusion she was having that stymied the forward movement she was wrestling with. I am so thankful PCCI offered Coaching with Clarity and Momentum... It has already has positively impacted my coaching abiility far beyond my expectations!

by Maggie Clark on Action Plan Achiever

I’ve chosen to invest yesterday and today In re-reading/reviewing every page and note. And re-do (or do) the exercises from a new perspective. What an amazing text book. What I didn’t realize the first time is how you don’t waste a word or over speak.
I’m seeing this model Everywhere!!!! It’s incredible! Using it in every day conversations as well as coaching. Using it as I prepare leadership outlines for our gals at church. It’s become, along with DISC - a favorite filter!!!!!!  One major benefit?
Shortening conversations as I get right to the point - with grace and (yes) clarity!!!! I’m applauding and appreciating you for bringing this to us.

by Karen Johnson on Action Plan Achiever

The Clarity and Momentum training has be tremendously beneficial to me, as a person and as a coach. The model is applicable to so many aspects of my life and my work with clients. I have found it especially helpful in understanding what is really going on and what is missing. Gary is a master at creating visuals to “hang your thoughts on.” The Clarity and Momentum model is one of many visuals that I have gained and applied as a result of this class. I have found that the Clarity and Momentum model creates both a powerful overarching framework to keep the coach and the client focused on the big picture, and a detailed road map for navigating specific steps to get there. I highly recommend this class!

by Sheila Kale on Action Plan Achiever

Gary is excellent at not only explaining the concept of the Clarity Model, but at helping us apply it to specific examples. His coaching support sessions are invaluable.

by Anonymous Coach Participant on Action Plan Achiever

Recently, when speaking with one of my clients, he had a mirage of things he was dealing with that threw him off his goal schedule, as life so often does, and to top it off, one very sudden and difficult life issue. I let him go on as long as he needed to 'air out' his brain. When he was done recapping, I summarized then said: "It sounds like you really need some structure to help you move through this." I wasn't sure how he would respond. To my happy surprise, he grabbed the word and ran. "Yes! That's it. Structure! That would make me feel like I'm getting somewhere."  We then moved through what made that important, and so on until coming up with a realistic plan. I'm certain I would not have taken that approach had I not learned about "Clarity & Momentum". Thank you for investing yourself in creating something so useful and powerful! I look forward to many more client WINS with the Clarity Framework.

by Sandi Martin on Action Plan Achiever

As a financial planner and business owner, I use the Clarity Model every day to identify problems and work with clients and partners to develop solutions that everyone can take ownership of. In fact, I know I use the Clarity Model even more frequently than I'm consciously aware of. It's become my default way of looking at the world, and it did so only because of Gary's patient teaching and his coaching me through how to practically apply it.

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